It’s s’more like playing with Fire than cooking a delicacy

Who doesn’t like to play with fire?

Being a Taurus, nature has dictated that I’m an Earth sign, an Earth-mama if you will. But we need ALL of the elements in our lives! Obviously, I live for Water…such as boating, swimming, floating, and being by the lake. Whenever my honey and I take trips, we enjoy the Air element by flying…usually via Southwest; you get the picture. Anyone can attest that the Fire element is what keeps us, um…burning with a passion for life. Let me introduce to you the daughter of Fire and Sweets: her name is S’more.

S'mores a la carte

S’mores a la carte

Here we have the marriage of chocolate, graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows on their date with destiny, aka Fire.

Whenever I’m out in nature, I behold the firepit! We have one at home in our front yard and one at the RV resort. For my son’s fifth birthday party a few weeks ago, I built a firepit using a simple article on and some connected stones from Home Depot.

Check out the handsome camper in green, my son at our home firepit as he roasts wieners.

We made magic again this past weekend at the lakeside firepit beneath the country stars.


That goober lying on the ground is me. I like to be close to the Earth and Fire elements, obviously. My stepson, son, and husband are also around the fire.

There’s no simpler way to enjoy nature melding gastropleasures with the Fire element than by making s’mores. All that sugar makes a gal a bit crazy…

Bonfire yowza

Pinecones, rocks, logs, pine straw and a lighter are all you need to make memories around a campfire.

It all seems so simple. And it is. Not to mention cheap. Frugality meets ingenuity which begets s’mores.

And bears.

Bear rock firepit

“Our village life would stagnate if it were not for the unexplored forests and meadows which surround it. We need the tonic of the wilderness–“-Henry David Thoreau, Walden