When Hoarding Becomes Dangerous!!

As I type this post, I do so with my thumbs on my smartphone seeing as my right hand took quite a beating today. You see, I was trying to add two new sommelier wine glasses to my stemware cabinet while organizing this morning.

I was trying to balance my cellphone (having a conversation with my mom) and juggling glassware. I slipped, tripped, and broke about four wine goblets & a martini glass.

My pinky finger got gashed by a broken shard of glass. The meat where my index finger connects to my palm also became sliced. I dripped blood all over the kitchen among the broken glass chips. It looked like quite the crime scene!

I frantically called my husband, mom, and mother-in-law in a panic. Neither my primary care physician nor my dermatologist wanted to stitch my finger up today. I had to go to the emergency room at the hospital and wait amongst patients dying of cholera, tuberculosis, Spanish Flu, and Black Plague just to get a stitch. I’m almost 34 and I’m certain that if this were the olden times, my injured GUSHING-BLOOD pinky would have killed me then.

Once order had been restored to my universe, I had my mom help me put the glassware that didn’t  get purged back up in the cupboard. She took some extra glasses, but the rest got packed up in a box headed for the thrift store. No single normal household should have SOOO MANY wine, beer, and liquor glasses! How did I become such a hoarder? I’ve read both of Marie Kondo’s books and I’m a huge fan/follower of The Minimalists.

If you look at the 3rd picture, you will see where I emptied all the excessive alcohol glasses out of the cabinet.

And the 4th picture shows my finished product, complete with labels from my label maker. I donated the glasses that were given to me from people I no longer like and from a snotty brewery club I quit last year.

It took today’s injury to rattle my core (at least my pinky’s bare bone) to force me to get rid of clutter. Y’all be careful in your purging endeavors. My little trip to the ER set me back $150 plus shame and embarrassment. I have the blood spatter in the kitchen to prove that I took one for the team.


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