Minimalism, Snow & DC Villains (Gotham Yoga)

Happy New Year! I’m trapped with my family for days due to a snow storm with icy roads. But that’s ok. I seriously doubt Henry David Thoreau had this much fun when he was snowed in his tiny house on Walden Pond!

Part of minimalism is paring down things you don’t like anymore in your life and focus on what tickles your fancy at the present. I donated 50% of my belongings in the past year, to clear the way for new favorites, such as DVDs at Christmas (they don’t take up much space, like in my future tiny house). In short, we’ve been watching Suicide Squad a whole bunch!

Since I started law school classes at night from August onward, I had to quit teaching yoga at the gym. I miss it a little bit, so I decided to start blogging some yoga videos…[brace yourselves] in character as Harley Quinn! My son and I call the videos Gotham Yoga and we do short little how-to snippets. Sam is playing Diablo from the Suicide Squad.

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What makes you happy? Obviously, no matter how much law I study, I still go back to my yoga practice. I’ll never throw out my yoga books or beloved mat. Don’t purge it if it still serves you well. Some fads come and go, but true hobbies last a lifetime. I’ve been a yogi since 1999 and a ham since 1983. Snow on!!