Dystopian Society Dictates No Clothing Changes, KonMari Method In Place

Two nights ago, I had this deeply lucid dream about living in a dystopian society where each person was only allowed to wear one outfit a day. Huh?

That’s right. Perhaps Hunger Games, The Giver, 1984, and similar literary works have gotten too much in our culture’s subconscious. When I start conversations with, “Big Brother is watching us…” my friends threaten me with a proverbial tin foil hat.

Back to the dream…imagine if laws were put in place about not changing clothes. If you were only allowed to wear one set of clothing all day long, no matter what, or there would be consequences to face. In my dream, I specifically remember attending a Christmas parade in the snow where there was a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in “Santa baby” type flirty winter wear. My thoughts were, “Oh, I guess she’s stuck being dressed like that all day long, despite the frigid weather.”

If this dream was activated in the waking world, nurses, cops, firemen, and all uniformed employees would be forced to wear work attire all day long. Even to sleep in. Maybe Freud would say my recent research into minimalism was the driving force behind such dream sequences. Enter Marie Kondo.

Who hasn’t heard of “Spark Joy” or the KonMari method at this point? Marie Kondo and her “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” have been all over the international news by now. Kondo has appeared on numerous talk shows with her translator at hand. I’m in the middle of reading her first book now, having accidentally read the sequel, “Spark Joy” first.

In my obsessive quest for perfection at age 33, I’ve recently spent a lot of time researching minimalism methods, zero waste lifestyles, living off the grid, tiny houses, etc. to lower my carbon footprint and to GET JUNK OUTTA MY LIFE!!!

I call it purging. If someone hasn’t been a good friend, ppppppppurge them out of your life! When you become aware of toxic people and their psychic vampire effects on your life, you tend to avoid them. The same can be said of clutter. Trash. Junk. I despise hoarding overall. It’s one thing always making sure I have an extra black eyeliner or chapstick in stock. It’s another to have 25 backups cluttering my space.

Don’t you know a hoarder who has accumulated years of crapola in his/her living space? My husband described someone he knew who had old newspapers piled to the sky in her living space…because she might want to reread an old article. Really? Ten bucks says she never did.

Obviously, the KonMari method has sunk in for me. Every time I buy a new LL Bean shirt, for example, I purge two older shirts from my closet. 1 in, 2 out. It’s a good method. A few special people have even gone so far as to create capsule wardrobes for themselves. I personally cannot do this because I have about three types of clothing styles I rotate when the personality that comes with it suits me.

Let’s go back to the dream I had. Pretend you can only wear one outfit a day without changing clothes or else you would get arrested or fined because Big Brother was constantly watching your small town, utilizing ubiquitous surveillance techniques. What would you wear all day long? I would eliminate jeans because they are constrictive. No more blazers like I’m wearing today at work. Most tight, short skirts could be eliminated. I guess our “uniform” would be utilitarian colors like black, white, and navy in cotton. Pants would be loose and breathable but easy to bend in like yoga pants. Tops would have to look dressy but still be comfortable to sleep in and do physical fitness activities in or just cut the grass while wearing.

Think about it. If you only had one type of outfit all day long encasing your body, you would want to be comfortable but easy to blend in at places of business (not looking like you rolled into Wal-Mart with pj’s on). What if you could pare down your wardrobe so much this actually became your way of life? Whenever I go camping, this is essentially what I do. I’ll wear a pair of loose but dressy leggings all day long and sleep in them to reduce luggage. Same with trips that involve flying.

If the day ever comes where some big eye in the sky dictates for whatever reason we need to incorporate the KonMari method of minimalism and purge all excess clothing, I will have my utilitarian wardrobe at ready-gun. This type of lifestyle has to been cheaper, too. My savings accounts would always be padded because I wouldn’t be doing excessive tog shopping. Here’s to the future!


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