A Facet of Minimalism is Not Being a Rigid Planner

“Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life? We are determined to be starved before we are hungry.”-Henry David Thoreau , Walden


I am the world’s worst foresight maven; I want to know everything about to happen in order to map out each detail. Itineraries, meal schedules, and accounted-for downtime bring me a sense of inner peace. I get this meticulous anal-retentiveness from my dad. We are both about as spontaneous as DMV workers, sigh.

Bringing me out of my comfort zone are whacky, free-spirited friends and family members I encounter on the daily, especially my 4 year old! Yesterday at the “Sea Witch” RV, my dad was playing a table-top game of pool with my son at the breakfast nook. My mom and I struck up a conversation about how we had never been at Lake Guntersville on a Tuesday morning.

Having been a favorite weekend spot of mine, LG’s weekday life teeming on the streets is a whirl of mystery to me. Instead of having planned a day for hiking/biking/yoga/meditation/running at the RV Park, my mom talked me into exploring LG’s town proper.

Since my husband is a Type 1 Diabetic, he has given me advice that one should try to eat meals around the same time every day as to protect blood sugar from drastically rising/falling by eating in a different hour. I’ve grown accustomed to 11 AM o’clock lunches and 3 PM afternoon snacks. My mom was trying to throw off my usual 11 AM rigidity by wanting to travel around the city.

She won. First, we drove along the LG bridge and took in the white caps on the lake and how there weren’t many boats out on the water. That’s not something I’m used to seeing at 11 AM on a work-day of mine! What a pleasant detour from Big City work grind! Spring Break should happen like, every other month 🙂

Next, she drove us around a new road we’ve never gone down called Sunset Drive, which was coincidentally next to the liquor store and Piggly Wiggly where we do our shopping. To take in the scenery, my mom parked and we put on our light jackets to counter the breezy March morning.

I exited her car with just my iPhone, and not my big bulky handbag; my shoulder needed a break. She and I started walking along the seashell-filled shoreline of LG. We found out that the “park” was open to the public and had a running track, biking paths, picnic tables, a tennis court, and a swing set. Not bad at all! Since I was in lacy espadrilles, I declined a cardio walk at that time.

My mother was interrupted by a phone call on her mobile from my son asking her where she had put his toy. I took the opportunity to snap a few scenic shots and even a selfie.

We planned to come back for picnics and bike rides in the near future with the rest of the family and bid our adieus to that faction of LG.

Driving back in the downtown area, I asked if she would stop at a store I’ve never been in before. At the sake of keeping our adventure going, she obliged me. It was called The Savvy Stuff and looked to have outdoor furniture and décor. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; I just wanted to see what awaited us inside.

The main surprise greeted us at the wrought iron fence, which roped off the outdoor pottery from the front door of the inside part of the store. The biggest dog I had ever seen in person sniffed me through the gate! I wish I had taken a picture of this Great Pyrenees. He was really sweet and belonged to the owner, whom we met inside. Monroe the dog immediately ran to me and I was a little bit shocked that a creature his size didn’t knock over anything or do any real damage to the antiques. The Savvy Stuff shop was chock full of hand-blown glassware, ornate furniture, and delicate trinkets which a Mastiff could easily trample. In the spirit of our whimsical journey, my mom and I spoke with the owner for half an hour about the town in general, since we were brand new quasi-residents after all.

Finally, we headed on to Arby’s and used my coupon for some free grub (that’s how we frugal people do!) to bring back to the RV. The only sour part of the unplanned morning was a depressing phone call from my grandma in the nursing home to my mom. She was confused about my great-grandmother who’s been dead since the 1980’s. While assuaging grandma’s dementia on her mobile, my mom nearly got us lost in a seedy part of LG. We calmed down grandma and found our way back to paradise.

The main lesson of the day is to just let go. Let the planning go. Be minimalistic in cognitive schemata by not trying to fit everything into a set schedule. It’s easier on the brain to just go-with-the-flow….me on lg


2 thoughts on “A Facet of Minimalism is Not Being a Rigid Planner

  1. How many times did yall stop to go to the bathroom? Spontaneity, maybe, but yall are never more than a minute away from a clean bathroom…


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