Frugaling the RV Park Way

imageDespite yesterday’s dreary Easter, today has been a beautiful weather experience for the first day of Spring Break.

To sum up last night, basically I found out how small-minded some people are at this lake resort town. My parents, son, and husband and I went out to eat for Easter dinner at a very popular local seafood restaurant. This town, being predominantly Southern Baptist, just decided to make Sundays wet. However, the fish restaurant voted to stay dry on Sundays as homage to Jesus or whatnot. Having been raised Catholic and now being an Episcopalian, the word “alcohol” has never been pejorative in my family. Quite the opposite, considering I’m half Italian where the wine flows like the pasta sauce.

When the “white-bread” waiter asked what my family wanted to drink, my dad jokingly said “margaritas.” Yeah, he fully knew about the booze policy was being sarcastic. The waiter did not take it well. “What? Are y’all PAGAN?! It’s Easter Sunday.”

I bitingly retorted something I’m not exactly proud of. But I kept a small bottle of port wine in my purse for shits and giggles. I don’t think it’s the place of the wait staff to judge my family’s religious persausion, or to proselytize to the masses being fishers of men (the irony of it being a fish restaraurant was not lost on me).

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our fish dinners; to be frugal, my husband and I split the cathfish plate. My son and mom split the chicken plate; my dad enjoyed the shrimp dish to himself but offered us each one. And we all drank water, tallying a cheapo bill. Plus I took the extra cornbread home; I enjoyed the leftover cornbread for breakfast. #zerowaste

This morning, I woke up energetic and enjoying the sunlight shining through the RV. [On a side-note, my mom has expressed a need for me to desist calling the camper “Camp David.” Henceforth, I shall refer to it as “The Sea Witch” because she bought the damned place and she enjoys beach themes and witches in fiction a la The Wicked Witch of the West.] So, I slept well my second night in The Sea Witch and needed some cardio today.

After lunch, my parents drove us to Wallyworld to look for a camper outdoor area rug. I have been window-shopping at for a versatile headband for hiking/biking/and Kundalini yoga. They are a whopping $15 at LLBean, yet I found one at the horrendous big-box store for $2.88! And I love it. I went for a run around the RV site and it covered my ears and held my hair back.

Then, after my run, I sweatily schlepped back to The Sea Witch and met the owner of the RV park who was chatting up my parents. I mentioned to him that I was jonesing for some cardio and missed my wheels. He brought me his mountain bike to borrow anytime I’m here! I biked for a while and really enjoyed the shared exercise equipment here. I forgot to mention that I wanted to buy a “junky” bike to keep here at The Sea Witch permanently. I almost blew my budget with a credit card (sorry, Dave Ramsey!) at Wal-Mart on a new, unnecessary bike. Luckily, the other campers here are frugal and enjoy sharing items such as bikes on this gated camp resort.

When in doubt, don’t buy–borrow instead!


“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden


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